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We bring culture to financial products.

Progress of tools and humanity go hand in hand. A car is a better tool than a bullock cart, a word processor is better than a typewriter, a cellphone better than telegram, and so on. Better tools free our time and minds to focus on things that truly make life rich. So is true when it comes to financial tools.

We’re a team based out of Bangalore, India, trying to make better tools for finance. Join us for the listed roles or just drop an email at [email protected].

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Open roles

  1. Full Time
    iOS Engineer
  2. Full Time
    ML Engineer
  3. Full Time
    Backend Engineer
  4. Full Time
    Android Engineer
  5. Full Time
    QA Engineer
  6. Contract, Intern
  7. Contract, Intern
fold team members standing near a large glass window, facing away from camera and looking at their laptop and discussing something
from the top shot of an iphone on desk with fold app open with a finger scrolling on the screen
laptop on the desk with fold web app website open in the browser. visible text on the site reads - never visit your bank's website again
close up shot a laptop with hands on keyboard, some section of fold website is on the display being worked upon
Jhumri the cat, sitting on floor looking at some ghost, probably.