Do you adore your bank?

It takes a long time to realise if you are adoring, or enduring something. It takes even longer to see that if you're enduring it, it doesn't have to be that way.

When did we stop demanding more from our banks? When did it become okay to put mediocre apps with poor experiences right beside the apps that are breaking barriers of user experience and delight?

At Fold, we're building a digital-only bank that walks right beside your current digital habits. Today, when spending is as easy as swiping your card or tapping your phone, and the world wants you to spend more and more, we're here to take care of your financial well-being. And in the process, deliver a banking experience that you will adore. There is never a need to endure broken experiences. There is always room for something better.

Demand. Better.

— the Fold team

Fold goes live in 2022. We want to invite you to experience Fold before we make it available to everyone.